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Affordable Housing Development Revitalizes Downtown Community (continued from Home page story)
Each single-family home is 1,520 square feet, contains three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms, and has an enclosed two-car garage.  Helm Place surrounds the historic Mount Helm Baptist Church, considered the oldest African-American church in Jackson, MS.

"Helm Place is an extension of our church's mission to change lives that change the world," said Reverend C. J. Rhodes of Mount Helm Baptist Church.  "Decades ago, Mount Helm elected to stay in the Farish Street community and be a blessing to it.  Today, we praise God for a long-term dream come true, and I am humbled Mount Helm took the lead in our neighborhood's transformation."

Chartre Consulting Ltd. designed Helm Place with the needs of the church and surrounding community foremost during the planning and construction stages.  The pristine new development replaces vacant lots and abandoned or dilapidated housing.

"This new development is another example of the transformation underway in Mississippi's Capital City," said Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber.  "Helm Place benefits not only the residents in the area, but Jackson's downtown as a whole.  The foundation of a strong community is safe, attractive affordable housing.  We're hopeful Helm Place will inspire other business and community partners to invest in Jackson and its citizens."

Developed by Chartre in conjunction with the State of Mississippi and the Mississippi Home Corporation (MHC), Helm Place is designed to provide quality, affordable housing to families supported by low-income wage earners.  MHC awarded the development $13.1 million in tax credits as part of the healthcare zone special cycle held in 2013. 

The MHC tax credits allowed for construction of the 88-unit single-family lease purchase development.  Under the program that made this development possible, the homes will be rented for the first 15 years to residents who initially qualify as low-income. 

After 15 years, residents will have the opportunity to purchase the home at a $50,000 fully financed price.  During the rental term, the development will be professionally managed with life skills and other programs provided to residents free of charge.

"This development is a shining example of how affordable housing is critical to revitalizing and invigorating communities," said Clarence Chapman, president of Chartre.  "Aside from the obvious physical improvements to the neighborhood, we are positively affecting our residents lives by providing a stable community in which they can educate and raise their families.

Mississippi Home Corp announces the 2015 Tax Credits awards.