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County rejects tax objections regarding certain Section 42 properties

ABERDEEN – Representatives from Georgia-based Property Tax Eagle were not present at a public hearing Aug. 24 regarding four Section 42 properties throughout the county. After hearing clarity on the matter of property assessment, the board of supervisors voted to reject the objection, making Monroe County join a list of roughly 20 counties in the state doing the same.

“This matter has been litigated, and Humphreys County went to the Mississippi Supreme Court. Since these are rent-controlled units, the assessment is low,” said Monroe County Board of Supervisors Board Attorney David Houston.

The four properties include Tschudi Courts, Smithville Meadows, Timberlake Apartments and Townhouses of Aberdeen.  Property Tax Eagle didn’t file the assessment on the four properties by the April 1 deadline.

The four properties’ assessments are divided by seven taxing districts including school districts, the county, Aberdeen, Amory and Smithville.  According to Houston, the statutes regulates these Section 42 housing units require the income approach to value is to be used to establish the assessment. The net operating expense is deducted from the gross income of the property, which formulates the net income approach.

“If I’d gotten this in by April 1, I have to follow that,” said Ron McCafferty, a consultant to the Monroe County Tax Assessor’s office. “We felt we were fair with the valuation.”

The Mississippi Department of Revenue states if an objection is not filed timely, real property can be assessed by the income, market value or cost value.  Property Tax Eagle didn’t get the proper information to any of the other counties in the state that rejected the objections either.

Helm Place Development Revitalizes Downtown Jackson Community
Helm Place, a new residential development designed to revitalize a downtown Jackson neighborhood, celebrated its grand opening with state and local dignitaries at a ceremony and ribbon cutting on July 14, 2016.  Helm Place includes 88 newly constructed, affordable market rate townhomes and a 4,000 square foot community center.

"To go with strengthening downtown Jackson by providing a safe place to raise a family, Helm Place will serve as an important piece of Jackson's growing healthcare corridor," said Governor Phil Bryant.  " I congratulate everyone involved in making this project a reality."
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